About Infinite Optics

Rider owned, rider inspired.

In the beginning, I was looking for a way to protect my lenses whilst out riding and racing bikes. I was tired of buying expensive goggles and the lenses only lasting a couple of rides before becoming too damaged to enjoy looking through. In sports where goggle and visor clarity is paramount to being able to perform to the best level of the chosen activity, a solution had to be found to make original lenses last longer without having to replace them every few rides.

The search started and after a year of extensive research, development and countless hours of testing with top level athletes, I am confident that we have a product to offer that not only extends the length of your lenses or visors infinitely, with superior scratch resistance, but also has the added benefit of super hydrophobicity. When you get rain and dirt on your goggles or visor, you can simply wipe them clean and you will get clear vision - no smearing. Travel at even a slow speed and the moisture will just disperse to the edge of the lens with the force of the oncoming air. The film is UV reflective keeping your eyes safe from the sun with glare reduction technology to reduce flash blinding when you are dipping in and out of shadows. The film is self-healing to keep your lens clear from cleaning scratches and fine damage picked up during use and will never haze and will keep its clarity for the life of the product. 

So no matter if your MX Rider, MTB Rider or Snowboard / Skier we have the right film for your MX Goggles, MTB Goggles or Snowboard / Ski Goggles. In Addition to our MX Goggle Lens Protection Film and MTB Goggle Lens Protection film we also offer a wide selection of replacement lenses should your lens already be damaged, Our replacement lenses save you a fortune on buying brand new replacement goggles.

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